RIP BFDR Transport Van

BFDR Transport Van

RIP BFDR Transport Van

The Big Fluffy Dog Van, 10, of Nashville, died Monday, August 12, 2013, in front of Jean’s house in East Nashville. A Ford Econoline E150, the van was manufactured in 2003 in Avon Lake, Ohio, by unknown machinists. The Van was preceded in death by a 2002 VW Passat that transported a boat load of dogs before dying in a head-on collision with an uninsured motorist to the ever-lasting dismay of Jean’s husband, Troy. The Van is survived by many, many dogs who depended on The Van to save their lives.

In the course of The Van’s long and illustrious life, over 305,000 miles were racked up in service to big fluffy dogs. Big Fluffy Dog Rescue volunteers are disconsolate at the loss of The Van because it is the only thing that saved dogs from certain death. Volunteers are simply not available at a moment’s notice to rescue 8 miserable, tick-infested, smelly, Great Pyrenees and a goat from a field where their owner abandoned them, but The Van and driver were always there.

There will be no visitation, but BFDR appreciates condolences here on this page. We extend our deep appreciation to Greg’s Auto who made a valiant attempt to keep The Van running, even when The Van’s will to live wavered.

BFDR is officially out of business for all but the most local dog as we are without the means to transport dogs from farther away to safety. Donations in honor of The Van can be made here: