Top 5 Movies of 2015


It’s that time of year again for the Fonseca family to put our stamp on each of our top movies of 2015.

Like politics film is a topic which we debate around the dinner table – was it a good, did you like it, the actors, the cinematography, the director, etc.  Going to the movies is not just a way to “waste some time” nor always for pure entertainment; it’s an adventure. It’s 2 hours of immersion into a story, the characters, the locations, and the director.

There are only a few rules when going to the movies with this family – do not get drunk beforehand or during,  do not speak during the movie, and bring a comfy blanket. Omaha theaters are so much nicer and more comfortable than those here in TN – they have these super comfy recliners or “dream-loungers”, full service bars, and even food service at some locations in the theater.. Image result for marcus theaters dream loungerThere are a few things to consider if the movie was a good one or not; First – Are you able to name a character in the movie after it’s over and after some time has passed?   Second – Does the movie stick with you in a way that you are talking about it the next day, the next week, and so on?  Third – Would you watch that movie again?

And..just for reference – here are the movies we identified as the Best of 2014 – Fonseca Top 5 Movies of 2014.

Kudos to Brian for being the first one in with his list this week.

Brian (Nic’s Brother & Tony’s Twin)

Tony (Nic’s Brother & Brian’s Twin)

Nic (My Husband)

Tianna (Me)

Tianna’s Note: Now I have to say that I did LOVE both Avengers 2: Age of Ultron and Ant-Man; but I just could not put them on my list this year.  I also really loved The Martian, American Ultra, What We Do in the Shadows and Mockingjay Part 2 as well.  This was a very difficult list for me to put together. 

Jesse Jr (Nic’s Brother)

****Jesse Jr only had 3 selections this year.

Linda (Friend of the Family)

Molly (Nic’s Sister)

Molly’s Note:  *****Coming up with 5 movies was difficult as there were many movies I held off seeing until the Golden Globe/Oscars nominations came out. I haven’t seen a few like Spotlight, The Danish Girl, Creed, Bone Tomahawk, or Macbeth.  My selection for the top five could be named as any of the good, serious, and gruesome movies from this year including The Revenant, The Hateful Eight, Mad Max: Fury Road, or Sicario; However, they don’t meet my criteria of seeing them a second time. 

Patrick (Molly’s Husband)

Eileen (Nic’s Mom)

Jesse (Nic’s Dad)


  • This year we disn’t have a single movie or theme across all of our lists.  Personally, there are many movies on this list from other family members which I have not seen nor hears about and this is true for most of the family.
  • Surprisingly there are three different animated movies throughout the lists this year whereas there were none last year.
  • I should not try to finish a blog post while sick on a number of flu/sinusitis/bronchitis/pneumonia medications. Lol. I’m definitely rambling more than usual.

I think we ALL can agree we are eagerly awaiting the release of The Secret Lives of Pets.

Posts Like This – Top 5 Posts 


Let’s Party Like it’s…. 2016 ??

It’s that time of year when everyone utters the dreaded word…. “Resolutions”. I think resolutions are a crock so I stopped making resolutions quite awhile ago.  Why set yourself for failure then beat yourself up for slipping up in February?  We all know that diet and exercise or just living healthier are things we ALL need to do – so why add them on as “resolutions”?? Whatever.

So to start our 2016 Top 5 Lists – We’re going to list the top one through five things we’d like to accomplish in 2016.  Fun stuff.  Good stuff.  Diet and exercise are on the top of everyone’s list of course, but let’s talk about stuff we want to do in 2016 – not just stuff we need to do every year.

We are going to start with what we ALL need to start accomplishing this year – the basics:

  1. Exercise (Start, Increase, Change/Up)
  2. Diet (Eat Healthy)
  3. Make Good Choices
  4. Learn Something New Every Day
  5. Tipping Your Chef – Even as a former waitress I know that the kitchen staff doesn’t get the recognition they deserve.  Let’s start recognizing them more too! You have a wonderful meal – the food is delicious, absolutely amazing and we include that in our tip to the wait staff?  The wait staff isn’t tipping out to the chef or kitchen staff (in most restaurants) so let’s give a little love to the folks creating the wonderful food we are enjoying.

Now on to the Family – We have items from Tianna (me, as I’m writing this one), Nic (my husband), Barbara (my mother), Eileen (Nic’s mother), Jesse (Nic’s father), Molly (Nic’s sister), Patrick (Molly’s husband), Tony (Nic’s brother), and Brian (Nic’s brother).  I’m going to start calling out those that didn’t send their list in on time – Jesse Jr … where are you?  🙂  UPDATE – Now includes Linda (a Fonseca friend) and Jesse Jr’s list.

Any and all friends and family and others who read this post – PLEASE feel free to comment with YOUR list of accomplishments you’d like to complete this year. 

supernatural drunk misc charlie felicia day

Tianna – me, myself, and I

  • Go to a ComicCon / Comic Convention
  • Be Gluten-Free
  • Follow all physician’s instructions and treatments and be healthy enough to start working at least part-time
  • Complete a minimum of 26 Top 5 blog posts

the office creed dwight schrute dwight kevin malone

Nic – My wonderful husband

  • Perform at least once on stage again
  • Watch the Oscars in Omaha, NE with family
  • Complete a Presentation on Project Management to a third-party audience

Barbara (My Mother)

  • Go to California to visit Aunt Patti
  • Do More Activities After Work
  • Stop Working Weekends
  • Declutter! Declutter! Declutter!
  • Pay off bills & get ready for Retirement.

bob ross happy trees television pbs

Eileen (Nic’s Mother)

  • Take Painting Lessons at Lawrence Gardens
  • Start doing Water Aerobics
  • See Molly perform in February

game of thrones drinking wine cersei

Jesse (Nic’s Dad)

  • Go to California and stay at the Ponte Vineyard Inn
  • Make Pour Over Coffee

parks and recreation parks and rec aubrey plaza

Molly (Nic’s Sister)

  • Get a New Job
  • Pay Off My 2010 Kia Rio

Okkult Motion Pictures sports vintage artists on tumblr arnold schwarzenegger

Patrick (Molly’s Husband)

  • Squat 225
  • Buy a New Car
  • Get Serious about Saving for a House
  • Hike the South Rim at Big Bend National Park

parks and recreation tom haverford make it rain jean ralphio

Tony (Nic’s Brother & Brian’s Twin)

  • Earn More Money
  • Go on A Vacation
  • Go on Another Vacation
  • Work Fewer Hours
  • Fix the God Damned Car

dance happy brad pitt work out boogie

Brian (Nic’s Brother & Tony’s Twin)

  • Get back in Shape & Start Running Again
  • Drink less Liquor
  • Hope My Car Has No More Surprise Fixes
  • Can’t Wait to have the WHOLE Family Over for Christmas (when that comes again!)

car broken chris farley david spade broke

Linda (You know who you are)

  • Become a manager or get higher paying job.
  • Get a better Vehicle
  • Spend more time with my Son

smiling elf viral

Jesse Jr (Nic’s Oldest Brother)

  • Smile More – If you know me, you know how important this is to me
  • Maintain My Weight / Always Be Exercising
  • RED ROCKS – 3rd TIME – WHO IS With ME????


Ash vs Evil Dead tv show season 1 drinking alcohol

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