Top 5 Favorite Political Figures

Top 5 Favorite Political Figures 

Let’s get back into the swing of things.  A major flare up of illness hit me hard, but my goal this year is to get 26 of these done and I’m already behind!!

Warning – some of the videos and language is NSFW; that’s just how we roll.

Since last time we discussed the worst political figures in history, it is only fitting that we now name our favorite ones.  The rules remained the same.  This topic was a bit controversial for our family (not really) but I would say for most of us it was a pretty easy list to come up with.

Rules for our Top 5 Favorite Political Figures

  1. “Political Figures” encapsulates anyone involved in the political process in any way. This includes, but is not limited to, politicians, pundits, candidates and anyone who speaks out about how the country should be run.
  2. No restrictions on time period or geography – picks could come from any time period and outside the US, though most decided to stay local.
  3. Personal opinion – a small, brief sentence explaining the reason for the choice was encouraged.

We talk about politics in the Fonseca family a lot. While Nic’s side of the family shares pretty consistent (i,e, sane) views, the Roe household is, well, … divided is a nice way to put it. While we were easy to agree (mostly) that Hitler, Stalin, the leader of ISIS, Sarah Palin and Donald Drumpf were all the worst, our favorites are even more diverse.  We have many political pundits and even a few favorites that were on some family member’s worst lists.

It’s highly recommended you click on each link. There could be some hidden *gems*. Keep going all the way down with the links – don’t give up. 🙂  Also remember, this is just an opinion of some family members.  We are all able to joke about it regardless who we support (or not).

Jesse (Dad)

Eileen (Mom)

–Important Note:  My top 5 political figures will not include Fmr. President Bill Clinton nor Fmr President Jimmy Carter both of which are my favorite presidents but I decided to keep my list with the ladies.

Tony (Brother)

  • Martin Luther King Jr.
    • He accomplished many things in the civil rights area.
  • Bill Hicks
    • “All politicians are lying cocksuckers.”
  • John Oliver
    • No comedian nails his critique of world politics better than he does.
  • Genghis Khan
    • I think it would have been great to work for the man.
  • No fifth – that’s it. That’s all.

Tianna (Nic’s Wife and former Roe)

  • Gloria Steinem
    • Feminist and forever fighter for women’s issues.
  • John Oliver
    • Breaks down the issues and tells us like it is.
  • Lucy Burns
    • Suffrage leader and one of the first to be arrested for picketing the White House.
  • Fmr First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt
    • One of our most influential to be our First Lady who blazed paths for women and led the battle for social justice everywhere
  • Betty Friedan
    • Author of the Feminist Mystique and helped found the National Organization for Women.

Barbara (My Mother – Roe)


  •  Any host of a political comedy show – Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, John Oliver, Samantha Bee, Trevor Noah, etc.
    • Despite political discourse being at an all-time low in this country, political satire is in a golden era..  It is a scary time for America right now, and regardless of your political affiliation, I think it is safe to say that no one is OD’ing on hope right now.  If I am going to slog through the sh!t of the political scene these days, I need someone to at least make some jokes along with it.
  • President Barack Obama
    • If you don’t believe President Obama is one of our greatest modern-day presidents, nothing I say will convince you of the truth but have fun in the Drumpf/Cruz dystopia.  Could you imagine him running against one of these f*&^-wits? He would mop the floor with them without breaking a sweat.
  • Martin Luther King Jr
  • Fmr Prime Minister of Australia Jon Howard
    • A conservative that took the bullet for the nation on gun control – just watch the videos.
  • Will McAvoy – Lead Anchor, News Night


  • Molly (Sister) – None Provided
  • Patrick (Molly’s Husband) –  None provided
  • Brian (Brother) – None Provided (but this one I might have lost)
  • Jesse Jr (Oldest Brother) 

  • Linda (Friend of the Family)  


  • It is interesting to see that we have a few of the same political figures on the worst list as well as the best list.
  • Many of us are truly in awe of some bad ass women in history.
  • We are getting closer and closer to getting our political related information from comedic pundits.

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