Top 5 Movies of 2015


It’s that time of year again for the Fonseca family to put our stamp on each of our top movies of 2015.

Like politics film is a topic which we debate around the dinner table – was it a good, did you like it, the actors, the cinematography, the director, etc.  Going to the movies is not just a way to “waste some time” nor always for pure entertainment; it’s an adventure. It’s 2 hours of immersion into a story, the characters, the locations, and the director.

There are only a few rules when going to the movies with this family – do not get drunk beforehand or during,  do not speak during the movie, and bring a comfy blanket. Omaha theaters are so much nicer and more comfortable than those here in TN – they have these super comfy recliners or “dream-loungers”, full service bars, and even food service at some locations in the theater.. Image result for marcus theaters dream loungerThere are a few things to consider if the movie was a good one or not; First – Are you able to name a character in the movie after it’s over and after some time has passed?   Second – Does the movie stick with you in a way that you are talking about it the next day, the next week, and so on?  Third – Would you watch that movie again?

And..just for reference – here are the movies we identified as the Best of 2014 – Fonseca Top 5 Movies of 2014.

Kudos to Brian for being the first one in with his list this week.

Brian (Nic’s Brother & Tony’s Twin)

Tony (Nic’s Brother & Brian’s Twin)

Nic (My Husband)

Tianna (Me)

Tianna’s Note: Now I have to say that I did LOVE both Avengers 2: Age of Ultron and Ant-Man; but I just could not put them on my list this year.  I also really loved The Martian, American Ultra, What We Do in the Shadows and Mockingjay Part 2 as well.  This was a very difficult list for me to put together. 

Jesse Jr (Nic’s Brother)

****Jesse Jr only had 3 selections this year.

Linda (Friend of the Family)

Molly (Nic’s Sister)

Molly’s Note:  *****Coming up with 5 movies was difficult as there were many movies I held off seeing until the Golden Globe/Oscars nominations came out. I haven’t seen a few like Spotlight, The Danish Girl, Creed, Bone Tomahawk, or Macbeth.  My selection for the top five could be named as any of the good, serious, and gruesome movies from this year including The Revenant, The Hateful Eight, Mad Max: Fury Road, or Sicario; However, they don’t meet my criteria of seeing them a second time. 

Patrick (Molly’s Husband)

Eileen (Nic’s Mom)

Jesse (Nic’s Dad)


  • This year we disn’t have a single movie or theme across all of our lists.  Personally, there are many movies on this list from other family members which I have not seen nor hears about and this is true for most of the family.
  • Surprisingly there are three different animated movies throughout the lists this year whereas there were none last year.
  • I should not try to finish a blog post while sick on a number of flu/sinusitis/bronchitis/pneumonia medications. Lol. I’m definitely rambling more than usual.

I think we ALL can agree we are eagerly awaiting the release of The Secret Lives of Pets.

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