What is Dysautonomia?

Reflections Of A Bear

Dysautonomia is a condition where the autonomic nervous system (ANS) doesn’t work properly. So what is the autonomic nervous system?

Imagine the tower at an airport. You know, the control room, where they instruct all the planes? They tell the pilots when it’s safe to land, or to take off, and which bay they should leave from. They give them updates on the wind speed and the weather. That’s like the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). The ANS controls everything your body does automatically, without you thinking about it. It’s supposed to be in charge of things like heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, oxygenation, circulation, digestion, pupil dilation, perspiration and the function of lots of your organs (heart, stomach, intestines, bladder etc).

Now imagine if most of the tower controllers went on strike, and all the pilots were basically left to fend for themselves. Planes would be crashing in mid-air, there’d…

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