Top 5 Favorite Saturday Night Live Sketches/Personalities

Top 5 Favorite Saturday Night Live Sketches/Personalities


Saturday Night Live. Another mainstay in the Fonseca household where comedy is king. Asking this family to narrow down their top 5 SNL sketches is like asking your mom and dad to identify their favorite kid. Probably harder – because we all know Molly is the favorite.

Watching Saturday Night Live is just like getting around the table and having dinner. Getting excited for the cold open, waiting to see if the host’s monologue is funny (praying it isn’t another damn song), and hopefully belly laughing at the A block sketches then fast forwarding through the musical guest (mostly). Afterwards, a hearty discussion of what was the funniest, what was the worst, and why was that in there.  Then the following day checking the internet for the sketches that were cut during rehearsal and wondering why it was cut.

Nic and I love SNL so much that we fell in love with another show – Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.  If you haven’t seen it – check it out as it gives you a little peak into how a show like SNL is put together each week.  Whether it’s fully fictional or real, we like to think we know a little bit more about SNL after watching it.

Jesse (Dad)

Eileen (Mom)

Honorable Mentions:  Singing Doll Hand’s Lawrence Welk Show (Kristen Wiig) and Schweddy Balls (Alec Baldwin)

Molly (Sister)

Patrick (Molly’s Husband) 

 Honorable Mention:  Superfans (da Bears)

Jesse Jr (Oldest Brother)

Brian (Brother)

Tony (Brother)

Tianna (Nic’s Wife)

 Honorable Mentions: Daily Affirmation with Stuart SmalleyDick In a Box, and More Cowbell. This is too hard!!



  • Basically we love Stefon, Cowbell, and dick jokes.

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