Top 5 Restaurants

Top 5 Favorite Restaurants; Places We’ve Loved to Eat At

favorite restaurants

Yes – I know. We are severely behind in our top 5 posts for 2015 – but hey, we all need a break now and then, don’t we?  Let’s get back on track and post our favorite places we’ve ever dined.  It could be because of the food.  It could be because of the ambiance.  It could just be a great memory because of the company eaten with at that time.  It’s just our favorite places we’ve ever eaten at for our own special reasons.

Food is an integral part of our family.  Not because it’s required for survival and life, but because it’s become careers for some. Passions for some.  Enemies for some. Family dinners is a time where we all can get together around the same table and enjoy delicious meals, discuss big topics like religion or politics, discuss little topics like our day or something special that happened that week.  It’s a time to give thanks for what we have with the family we have. Whether that meal shared is around the home dinner table or a picnic table at an outdoor restaurant, it’s a special time when we all come together despite our busy schedules.

Like wine, movies, TV, etc. this family is … well … food snobby as well.  It helps that we have amazing chefs in the family – Tony, Brian, and Jesse Jr all work in the restaurant business. Even Tianna worked in the restaurant business long ago.  From fine dining to a quick meal – they can do it all. And each meal they make is better than the last.

I’ve rambled on so let’s get to it!! Top 5 Favorite Places We’ve Eaten.

Eileen (My Mom)









  • Railcar – Modern American Kitchen – Omaha, NE
    • Tony and Brian both work there and we had the best New Year there! (I can attest to that as we were with them for New Year’s dinner).
  • 94/95 Sports Bar Grille – Omaha, NE
    • Unfortunately this amazing little restaurant is closed. Tony and Brian also both worked here as well. Their fish tacos and scallops were the best.
  • Winsteads – Steak Burgers since 1940 – Kansas City, KS
    • Started going there as a teenager before I met Jesse (my dad). They have the best burgers with onions and the best ice cream sodas and malts. It’s a must have when driving through Kansas City.
  • Strouds Restaurant and Bar – Fairways, KS
    • I can’t even begin to describe how much I love this place – my mother even loved this place (our grandmother).  We took the kids there when they were little.  It’s the best pan fried chicken you’ll ever taste.  Another must have when passing through Kansas City.
  • Uchi Contemporary Japanese Dining and Sushi Bar – Austin, TX
    • I have spent great moments in the past several years and am grateful to our wonderful daughter Molly in introducing us to this amazing restaurant. It’s a great place to order lots of different dishes and share – like a dish with rice and egg that we all love and share.  It crackles when it comes to your table. I think it’s called hamachi nabe.

Jesse (My Dad)



  • Uchi Contemporary Japanese Dining and Sushi Bar – Austin, TX
    • What can I say other than great food and great company!  We have been lucky enough to dine there with the whole Fonseca clan! Molly, Patrick (Molly’s husband), Nic, Tianna (Nic’s wife), Tony, Brian, and Jesse Jr.
  • Strouds Restaurant and Bar – Fairways, KS
    • Best pan fried chicken west of the Mississippi.
  • Winsteads – Steak Burgers since 1940 – Kansas City, KS
    • Best hamburgers you will ever taste.
  • Gates BBQ – Kansas City, MO
    • Best BBQ east AND west of the Mississippi.  (those might be fightin’ words to some of us from the south lol )
  • Riva Navy Pier Restaurant – Chicago, IL – Exquisite Chicago Seafood and Steaks
    • Mouthwatering steaks. Wonderful views of Lake Michigan.

Molly (My Uber Talented Sister)









Nic (Me)











  • Uchi Contemporary Japanese Dining and Sushi Bar – Austin, TX
    • My parents experienced a sushi-awakening over the last 10 years and this can be traced back to Tianna.  Uchi is the apex of that awakening.
  • Strouds Restaurant and Bar – Fairways, KS
    • It is fried chicken elevated to a religious experience.
  • Pizza Shoppe – Kansas City, KS / Omaha, NE
    • When we first moved to Omaha, the deepest cut of what we left behind was Pizza Shoppe (just kidding). Years later – it followed us there and Omaha became a little sunnier as a result.
  • Gates BBQ – Kansas City, MO
    • The most intimidating place to order.  The first time you visit you are a wad of cookie dough.  After a few years, y ou are carved out of wood.
  • Stella’s Bar and Grill – Bellevue, NE
    • We’re lucky that this place is not near where my parents live in Omaha or else wed be eating there every day with the heart attacks to prove it.


Tianna (The Wife)


  • Lorelei Cabana Bar and Restaurant – Islamorada, FL
    • Their “World Famous Fish Sandwich” truly is the best fish sandwich you could ever taste.  Plus the view is amazing.
  • Hash House a go go – Las Vegas, NV
    • Fabulous brunch the morning after we got married.  Amazing food and company – my parents, my new in-laws (Nic’s parents), as well as Molly and Patrick (her now husband).
  • Pancake Pantry – Nashville, TN
    • Best sweet potato pancakes ever!! Just have to get in line super early.
  • Uchi Contemporary Japanese Dining and Sushi Bar – Austin, TX
    • Most wonderful sushi dining experience with lots of Sake!
  • Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville – Nashville, TN / Key West, FL / Las Vegas, NV
    • First experienced at it’s flagship location in Key West, then a memorable (maybe a little fuzzy with all the drinks and the mile high nachos) experience in Vegas on our wedding day, and fun dinning before concerts at the Ryman in Nashville.

Jesse Jr (My Oldest Brother)



Brian (Brother)

Stroud s Restaurant   Bar











  • Strouds Restaurant and Bar – Fairways, KS
    • Best fried chicken place in KC; comfort food at it’s best – love the gravy and fries, cheeseburgers, fried chicken and green beans.  I love the way it’s served family style plus the awesome cinnamon rolls but don’t forget the biscuits for grandma!
  • Gates BBQ – Kansas City, MO
    • I’m fully aware KC has many great joints for bbq, but for me I love their brisket, turkey, fries, and their awesome greeting (HI! MAY I HELP YOU!!) in their best screaming voice.
  • Winsteads – Steak Burgers since 1940 – Kansas City, KS
    • Another Kansas City food joint from my childhood, nothing else needs to be said; love the malts, steak burgers, fries and rings!
  • Pizza Shoppe – Kansas City, KS / Omaha, NE
    • Been going there since i was a kid and I still love the crispy cracker crust dough and of course the awesome pink stuff!! (salad dressing stuff…)
  • Dos Hombres Mexican Food – Kansas City, MO
    • Not only one of my favorites as a child, but I’ll never forget meeting and getting Bo Jackson’s autograph with my grandma.  I still have it to this day!

Tony (Brother)




  • We like BBQ, Pan Fried Chicken, Burgers, and Sushi.  I think that’s obvious.
  • Even though we have travelled all across the US, most of our favorites land in Kansas City or Omaha.
  • We also love restaurants where Tony and Brian are chefs. I mean come on – they’re amazing!


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