Top 5 Recording Artists / Bands

Top 5 Bands / Recording Artists of All Time


It is funny. Despite the long-winded diatribes on this very blog about the important of film and television to me and my family, I actually consider myself much more of a music snob than a film snob. I believe that comes from how one experiences the different mediums.

I typically see movies with others. We watch them together and experience the laughter, drama or distaste together. Afterwards, we discuss them – the things we liked or didn’t like. The point being that the experience is shared, but music in much more personal.

I listen in the evenings while going to bed with my headphones, blasting it while in the car, using my wireless speaker while in the shower, on my iPad while cleaning the kitchen, on my phone while exercising, while putting on my makeup, and even while I’m working. These are all times when I am either alone, shut off from the world around me, or even trying to focus/concentrate on the task at hand. There is only the music and my own mind.  Even while working the music helps the stream of consciousness becomes a professional presentation, project schedule, or a communication plan.

For me, more than film or TV, my favorite bands are a mixture of what I’ve loved since as far as I can remember to a few that I’ve only grown to love in the recent few years.  With so many great recording artists and music across the generations, it’s difficult to say what my favorite of all time are right now.  I know this is about what’s my favorite in 2015 but were these my favorite in 2010? In 2005?  Maybe. Sort of. Yes? No? I don’t know.

It was also difficult for some of us to reconcile the differences between the best recording artists and favorite recording artists.  This isn’t about recognizing those we think are necessarily the best out there but our favorites.  I think that there are more talented recording artists out there that are not on my list – but not just my favorite. Argh.

Tony (My Brother)



Hieroglyphics / Del the Funky          Homosapien
Michael Jackson


Eileen (My Mom)



Rolling Stones
Roy Orbison
Sonny and Cher
Dolly Parton
Barbara Streisand





Jesse Jr (My Brother)



Led Zeppelin
The Beatles
Miles Davis
Gary Clark Jr




Molly (My Sister)



George Strait
Conor Oberst/Bright Eyes
The Good Life
Michael Jackson
Garth Brooks





Jesse (My Dad)



Barry White
Jackson Browne
Blood Sweat & Tears
Isaac Hayes
The Beatles





The Strokes
The Shins
Kings of Leon



 Tianna (ball and chain)


David Bowie
The Doors
Kings of Leon
Jimmy Buffett




Brian (my brother)


Miles Davis
Pink Floyd (with Roger Waters       and David Gilmore)






  • The lack of female artists is sad, especially in this family. It’s making us really evaluate further the topics discussed in earlier posts about how we see women in art – regardless of type – TV, Movie, Music, etc.
  • There is a very diverse range in the recording artists identified.
  • Brian has seen three of the bands in his list in concert.
  • The best concerts my wife and I have gone to include the two we share in common – Coldplay and Kings of Leon


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11 thoughts on “Top 5 Recording Artists / Bands

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  9. This one was hard because I feel removed from music since moving to Austin- which is weird! I listen to such crap now- I’m embarrassed. But I like crap, I’ve never really had refined taste.

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  10. I love the variety of tastes even within one person. I too have a wide variety of genres in my top five starting with William Joseph. He is an amazing pianist and listening to him seems to calm my soul.
    I also have to go with Bob Dylan, with his extremely unique voice and outlook when writing his songs.
    Duran Duran is next. Yes, I said Duran Duran. I completely love every song pre Power Station/Arcadia/John Solo try/Andy Solo try.They were a big part of my per-pubescent days and they stuck with me until now. Whenever I want to feel less old, I’ll pop that music on and reminisce about being young and carefree. My first “boyfriend” gave me a bad copy of a Duran Duran album in 6th grade that he copied from his sister. It was the first time I had heard of them and it’s all history from there. I became an obsessed DD fan and owned nearly every piece of DD stuff I could get my hands on. Had well over 100 pins, etc. I was nuts.
    Motley Crue. I listened to them when I wanted to feel like a badass in the 80’s. They were considered metal and I was introduced to them by my cousin Hugh when I went to California to visit with my Dad’s side of the family after he passed. Which is where I met my sister, Tianna, for the first time. I loved the tape so much, Hugh let me have it. 🙂 (Thanks Hugh!)
    The last spot is hard to fill because there is still the Moody Blues, Janis Joplin, Pink Floyd, Kansas, Metallica, Mannheim Steamroller, Andrew Lloyd Weber, etc. But more recently, I have found that I really like Muse. I think I have most of their music now.
    However, as good as those other mentioned bands are, the last spot has to go to Billy Joel. Starting with my favorite album, “52nd Street”.

    I’ve seen many of my favorite bands live and nearly saw every one I mentioned. Surprising, (to me), I have yet to see Billy Joel, although I’ve seen Metallica three times and Pink Floyd just as many times.


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