Top 5 TV Characters – All Time


I wasn’t exactly sure how to approach putting together this list. There were plenty of TV characters that I loved or loved to hate, but how do you go about separating the great from the all-time desert-island top five? For me – it came down to characters that not just define their show, but if that character or actor were no longer involved in the project, it would render that program changed forever. That was for me. For Tianna – I get the sense that it was akin to a mad “Supermarket Sweep”-type dash where she grabbed as many beloved characters as her cart could carry. Bless her little fanboy heart.

Tianna (My Wife)
Dr. Walter Bishop – Fringe
Dr. Horrible – Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog
Ron Swanson – Parks and Recreation
Dean Winchester – Supernatural
Charlie Bradbury – Supernatural

Brian (My Brother)
Curly Howard – The Three Stooges
Charlie Kelly – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Roger – American Dad
Data – Star Trek: The Next Generation
Bobby Bittman – SCTV

Tony (My Other Brother)
Charlie Kelly – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Bob and Doug McKenzie – SCTV
Bobby Bittman – SCTV
Captain Jean-Luc Picard – Star Trek: The Next Generation
Dr. Hannibal Lecter – Hannibal

Nic (Myself)
Jemaine Clement – Flight of the Conchords
Charlie Kelly – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Rick Grimes – The Walking Dead
Vic Mackey – The Shield
Tyrion Lannister – Game of Thrones

Molly (My Sister)
Jean-Ralphio – Parks and Recreation
Tyrion Lannister – Game of Thrones
Walter White – Breaking Bad
Tobias Funke – Arrested Development (not the Netflix season)
Dee Reynolds – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Jesse (My Father)
Tony Soprano – The Sopranos
Ray Donovan – Ray Donovan
Eddie Haskell – Leave it to Beaver
Frank Reagan – Blue Bloods
Sookie Stackhouse – True Blood

Eileen (My Mother)
Any Jessica Lange Character – Any Season of American Horror Story
Bobby Simone – NYPD Blue
Gemma Teller Morrow – Sons of Anarchy
Sally O’Malley – Saturday Night Live
Carmela Soprano – The Sopranos


  • Despite doing our Top 5 TV Shows of All Time just last week, no single person in my family selected their Top 5 Characters from only those shows. My brother Tony led the pack with 4 of his character picks holding to his favorite shows. My sister, alternatively, had no crossover between the two.
  • Tianna and Tony share the unique distinction of being the only ones who selected multiple characters from the same TV show.
  • Ever the crusader for better roles for women in entertainment, my mother is the only one with more female characters selected than male characters. Additionally, my brothers and I didn’t select any female characters at all … not sure what that means … yikes. We have some tough questions we need to ask ourselves.
  • Of all the selections you see represented here only 6 have yielded Emmy’s for the actors: Vic Mackey, Tyrion Lannister, Walter White, Tony Soprano, Jessica Lange and Carmela Soprano.

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  10. Sam Winchester from Supernatural… Dean Winchester from Supernatural…Cass from Supernatural. (Yes, I love all three of them… ) Abby from NCIS and Spencer Reed from Criminal Minds. Hmm. That wasn’t has hard as I though it would be. I thought with this, that I would ponder the characters for some time, but when I actually sat down to think about it, that’s what I came up with.


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