Top 5 TV Shows – All Time


(Another fabulous gem written by my husband, Nic – FYI this one has a bit of colorful language)

I can’t speak for everyone in my family, but I know for myself and my wife that putting this list together was much more difficult than I expected it to be. As we assembled our picks over dinner, we each took great delight in letting the other construct their top-five list like a delicate Jenga tower only to happily demolish it a moment later with a reminder of beloved show that didn’t make the cut.

After discussing it more, the reason for this difficulty became apparent. When dealing with movies, we can assign it a whole range of emotions. You love it. You hate it. You are bored by it. You didn’t care enough to see it. You like it but will never see it again and so on. With television shows – because of the investment of hours over time – we either love them intensely or don’t watch it at all. No one watches all seven seasons of Mad Men because it was “okay”. You either really love that shit or, like me, are super fucking bored by it. That made the potential candidates that much more difficult to narrow down, but we did it.

Eileen (My Mom)
Sons of Anarchy
The Twilight Zone
Sex and the City
The Carol Burnett Show

Jesse (My Dad)
Sons of Anarchy
The Walking Dead
The Sopranos
The Twilight Zone
True Blood

Tianna (My Wife)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The X-Files
The Office (American version because we are from America, and if you don’t love it you can leave it )

Molly (My Sister)
Friday Night Lights
Saturday Night Live
The Wire
South Park

Tony (My Brother & Brian’s Twin)
Saturday Night Live
American Dad
Star Trek: The Next Generation
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Brian (My Brother & Tony’s Twin)
The Three Stooges
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Batman: The Animated Series
Looney Tunes

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
The Walking Dead
Saturday Night Live
Mr. Show with Bob and David
Flight of the Conchords


  • We are some comedy-loving mother fuckers in this family, and the comedies represented are all amazing. None of that CBS “comedy for people who don’t know comedy is” shit here.


  • Speaking of comedies – the classics do endure with the golden era of The Three Stooges in the 30’s to The Carol Burnett Show in the 70’s to SCTV in the 80’s to SNL in the 90’s.
  • If my wife and I were around when my mother was making her picks, we would have played the “destroy your Jenga tower” game with her using the show Roseanne. I think that was a big miss on her list, but I am thankful Molly picked up the slack.
  • Knowing the pain Tianna felt with putting together her list, the interesting thing to note is that she is the only person that doesn’t share a single pick with someone else on the list. I am very concerned for when the Top 5 TV Characters list is picked because there might be tears.
  • I love that my father’s list represents some of the hardest-hitting shows of all time followed by one of the most homoerotic. He is a man of extremes
  • Saturday Night Live made the cut on a number of lists, and its importance in our family cannot be understated. Yes, it isn’t always great, but it is an important representation of American comedy. Plus, you can still find gems if you are willing to look.

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