2015: The Year of Top 5 Lists


2015 is year of the Top 5 Lists by the Fonseca family.  We have almost identified 52 subjects of which each week we will randomly select from the bowl of topics (picture to come). Each week we will have a few days to separately come up with our Top 5 of that topic and discuss them within the family. The Top 5 Lists will then be posted.


Everyone submitting a top 5 in the Fonseca family must be able to DEFEND vigorously and voraciously why they have chosen those specific items in their top 5 list.

We are a little behind this year (mostly me because I’ve been too sick and lazy to update the site a bit); however, we have already completed one week – Top 5 Movies of 2014 – which I will publish shortly.  Week two has also been identified and we are working on our lists, publishing the week of 1/20 -Top 5 TV Shows – All Time. As choosing these within each group or topic – they are our own favorite (or worst) and not necessarily the best (or worst) by any other standard other than our own freakin’ opinion.

Some of our Top 5 topics are specific to the family because… it’s our top 5 list set of topics.  Some might think there are missing topics from standard Top 5 Lists. Well they aren’t because they probably do not pertain to everyone in the Fonseca family.

If for some reason you are following us along during this journey of lists – please feel free to post your own Top 5 list in the comments each week.  (My husband probably will disagree and hate dislike that I included both comments here.)

The Top 5 topics (subject to change at anytime based upon our own whims):

  1. Favorite Movies – 2014
  2. Favorite Movies – All Time
  3. Favorite Horror Movies
  4. Favorite Movie Moments
  5. Favorite Movie Quotes
  6. Favorite Tom Cruise Movies
  7. Favorite Directors
  8. Favorite Childhood Movies
  9. Favorite Guilty Pleasure Movies
  10. Favorite TV Shows – All Time
  11. Favorite TV Shows – Currently Active
  12. Favorite TV Show Characters
  13. Favorite TV Episode
  14. Favorite SNL Sketches
  15. Favorite SNL Hosts
  16. Favorite It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Episode
  17. Favorite Chef/Cook Personalities
  18. Favorite Cooking Show
  19. Favorite Cutthroat Kitchen Sabotage
  20. Favorite Bands / Recording Artists
  21. Favorite Songs
  22. Favorite Albums
  23. Favorite Soundtracks
  24. Favorite Actors
  25. Favorite Actresses
  26. Favorite Foods
  27. Favorite Beverages (Alcoholic and Non Alcoholic)
  28. Favorite Restaurants
  29. Favorite Comic Book Characters
  30. Favorite Ice Cream Flavors
  31. Favorite Snacks
  32. Favorite Quotes (Regardless of Source)
  33. Favorite Personal Life Quotes
  34. Favorite Cartoons / Animated Series
  35. Most Attractive Males
  36. Most Attractive Female
  37. Favorite Smells
  38. Favorite Places in Omaha, NE
  39. Favorite Places in Nashville, TN
  40. Favorite Places in Austin, TX
  41. Favorite Games – Any Genre or Type – All Time
  42. People You’d Like to Meet – Dead or Alive (Real or Fictional)
  43. People You’d like to Fight – Dead or Alive (Real or Fictional)
  44. Disliked Movies  (I decided I did not like “hated” or “worst” as they aren’t really either but items that we just don’t like for whatever reason we may have).
  45. Disliked Foods
  46. Disliked Actors
  47. Disliked Actresses
  48. Disliked TV Shows
  49. Disliked Songs
  50. Best/Worst Happenings of 2015 – to be done the last week of the year

We may remove or change a few as we go along just because we might want to do so.


13 thoughts on “2015: The Year of Top 5 Lists

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