What to Get a Teenage Boy?? Sugar Skull Necklaces!!

In our neighborhood we have befriended a few families and each of these families have teenage boys (13-17).  We’ve become pretty close to them and they help us out around the yard and the house.  Birthdays and holidays are difficult because they’re at that age of what to get them that is age appropriate – we don’t have kids. I’m not in tune with what a 13 year-old-boy would want.  Sure – I could figure out a teenage girl – but a teenage boy?  I’m out of luck!!

Then – out of the blue – one of them asked me – “Hey – I saw my sister sorting beads for you and there were some really cool skulls; Would you be able to make me a necklace?”

PERFECT!!  How perfect is that – this opens up a whole new door for me.  Make a sugar skull (howlite or turquoise) pendant in the color of his choice on a nice suede cord necklace. I made it for him and he loves it!! When I showed him that I had a ton of other colors – wow…he got really excited.  Even his dad mentioned that he would like a necklace made with the sugar skulls.

Here are the details of what I made.

Using basic tools – Headpin, Jump Ring, Round Nose Pliers, a skull bead, and a pre-made suede necklace in black:

Tools for Necklace

Tools for Necklace


I actually used gun-metal headpin and a gun-metal jump ring but didn’t even think about taking a photo with them.

These sugar skulls are so very popular now!! I got a strand of them from my favorite local bead store for around $10 when they were on sale.

Howlite Turquoise Sugar Skulls

Howlite Turquoise Sugar Skulls

I actually have them in several different colors –

Colorful Sugar Skulls

Colorful Sugar Skulls


So back to the creation. 🙂  Using the headpin, I added the sugar skull bead and did a simple wrapped loop attaching it to a jump ring.  Once attached to the jump ring, I attached it to the necklace.  Pretty easy! I could have gone fancier and made it into a nice bail – and I still may do that for future creations.  He absolutely LOVES the necklace!!

Sugar Skull Necklace

Sugar Skull Necklace


Here’s a closer look:

Sugar Skull

Sugar Skull


I’ve also made these into drop earrings (for the ladies) and I think they are super cute.  Sugar skulls are so popular now!!  My favorite local bead shop Red Dog Beads always has a great selection of all different types of these.  The shop owner even paints larger skulls – based on season  or even for football fanatics!!  So talented and super nice!  Check out her shop page (up above) or visit her Facebook page – Red Dog Beads Facebook.  Make sure you let Dottie know I told y’all to stop by. 🙂

Here are the drop earrings I’ve made with these skulls:

image Skull Drop Earrings



What do you think? Are you into the sugar skull craze?  Or are you still too into the mustache craze?? (I’ve made lots of mustache items too).

Don’t forget to stop by my Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/alittlebitme – as I’m super close to 1,000 likes.  When I reach it – I’m going to do an awesome giveaway to say Thank You!!

Interested in purchasing any of the materials or a completed necklace (or the earrings)?  Let me know.



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