My New Obsession – Tophatter

a little bit me



I have found a new obsession – outside of my crafting; however it ties directly into my crafting! 🙂  Tophatter!! Have you checked it out yet?

Tophatter is the world’s most entertaining live auction site featuring gorgeous items at exclusive prices. It’s also an AMAZING place to find all of your crafting – jewelry, fabric, paper, etc. needs.

This is a place where not only I’ve met an amazing group out people (shout out to the Angels!) but a place where I feel welcomed.  People from all over, all over the world, come to this pretty new start up auction site to chat, sell, and buy awesome goods – from handmade items, supplies for those handmade items, brand name items, and more! They have featured auctions which run every day through the main Tophatter folks and community auctions that are put on by sellers directly in the marketplace and…

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