Help Bonnie Beat Pneumonia

Please help my friend Sherry and her sweet, loving pup Bonnie Mae. Anyone who donates and references my blog will receive a small gift from me. Please also contact me below so that I can obtain your information to send you your gift. Every little bit helps. To some of us, like myself, our furry babies are our children.

Can you spare a little to help?

Your gift from me will either be a small Pampered Chef item or item handmade by me.

Link for donations:


Bonnie Mae needs our help

Bonnie Mae needs our help


From Sherry:

Bonnie Mae, our German Shepard mix, has been very sick the past several days with a cough, vomiting and labored breathing. The vet said her esophagus is inflamed and enlarged after the did an x-ray earlier this morning. I’ve been watching her all day and she was not improving at all. I insisted there had to be more so we took her back tonight and this time they did a chest x-ray and discovered she has pneumonia and her temperature had gone up. The vet gave her more injections and we have her here at home to watch her through the night (you can bet I will too), then take her back where they’ll keep her on an iv and meds all day and bring her home again night to keep her close and watch her.
The vet said today she’ll need approximately 5 more days of this, tests and x-rays again.
I’ve participated in many many fundraisers but not ever done one of my own for my own.
She’s given me her ‘all’ without hesitation through thick and thin. Please help me help her!

Sherry Floyd-Radanovich
Story update

I’ve started a Fundraiser for her medical treatments (daily hospital, iv’s, meds, x-rays and tests). I’ve never done one of these for my own before so I’m open for suggestions too. PLEASE share this post if you would.


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