DIY Embellished Flower Pins

Embellished Flower Pin

Embellished Flower Pin

I love to take simple pieces and use my paper crafting / scrapbooking supplies to bring them up a notch.  I had some flower hair pins that I purchased from Pick Your Plum back in March and thought I could do something fun with them!  Once I picked out my colors – Purple is a favorite – completing the project took me 15 minutes max! It was super easy and I’m looking over at my Viva Decor and Stickles collection thinking up all the different mix & match ones I can make!

Here is a before / after peek:

DIY Embellished Flower Pin

Tools & Materials

  • Flower Pin
  • Megan Elizabeth Sparkle Lightz 8mm – Lush
  • Viva Decor Paper Pen – Violet
  • Viva Decor Glass Effect Gel – Crystal Clear
  • E-6000 Adhesive
  • Misc Tools – Clothespin, popsicle stick, cotton tip

Here’s a picture of my tools laid out ready to go! Scroll to the bottom to see more details on some of the tools that I used.

Materials & Tools

Materials & Tools


Take your chosen hair pin and place it in the clothespin so it holds it up off of your table and flat. This will give you a simple way to keep your pin in place while you embellish the flower and let it dry.  I use this method for so many of my different projects.  I always have clothespins on my craft table! They seem to continually come in handy.

Using the E-6000, place a small amount of adhesive on to the Megan Elizabeth Sparkle Lightz and place it in the center of the flower.  I like to use a popsicle stick to take a small amount of glue from the tube and then place it on the little jewel.  It makes it easier to control the amount of glue used on your light.  I wanted to use something a little bit more powerful for this adhesive to ensure that it doesn’t come off – therefore I chose the Industrial Strength glue.  Choose whatever embellishment and glue you prefer to use!

Using the Viva Decor Paper Pen in Violet, paint the each of the petals.  The petals on my pin where slightly grooved with a shallow well which made it a little easier.  If you accidentally use a little too much or go outside the lines,  take your cotton tip and remove the excess or all of it and start over.  If it has dried a little bit, I’ll dip my cotton tip in some nail remover and it comes off super easy!

Once the petals have dried a bit – about 7 minutes layer a small amount of Viva Decor Glass Effect Gel over the top of each petal.  This gives it the shiny effect and protects the Paper Pen paint that was used.

Keep on the clothespin until dry. All done and super easy!!  Love it!

Here are some more details for the items that I used – the hair pins I got from Pick Your Plum.  I think they were 6 for $1.99.


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