Phillip the Golden Retriever/Great Pyrenees mix: left tied to a tree

If you would like to sponsor Phillip, you can donate here:

Needy Fluffies

Phillip was rescued yesterday on Friday from people who aren’t fit to breathe air that dogs could have. They posted him looking for a home. Here’s what they said in their Craigslist ad:

large male dog. great with kids. protective of home. having to move and he can’t go. please help me find him a good home. neutered. stays outdoors. needs room to run. to approved home only. he will not stay on chain-farm or large fenced area please.

Uh huh. Now let’s talk reality:

They got him out of a box at WalMart 6 years ago.  The family went through a divorce, and all the other dogs went with one or the other, but the solution for poor Phillip was to chain him to an abandoned house out in the county while his people moved 30 minutes away.  He had little shelter, and when our Good Samaritan arrived, he…

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