Trainwreck pit bull puppy needs help.

This is so sad – if you can donate to his care that would be really awesome. If you can help this boy ad are in middle TN, please contact

Needy Fluffies

This puppy showed up last night at a volunteer’s home. He is covered in a fungal skin infection, has lost his fur and is pretty much a trainwreck. We haven’t even given this boy a name yet, but he is one year old, and despite his physical condition, he is very, very sweet. He is in Nashville and we discovered at the vet this morning that in addition to his obvious physical issues, he is also deaf and partially blind. Who knows how this guy managed to survive on his own but somehow he did. He needs a foster home immediately. If this dog is taken to the animal control facility, they will kill him as they have a zero pit bull placement policy.  If you are interested in helping foster this boy and you are local to the middle Tennessee area, please email Anyone wanting to donate…

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