“Cheer up, Get Well Megan” Close to My Heart Party

Megan Elizabeth with Above Rubies Studio has been having a really rough time lately.  She’s so busy with CHA coming up plus she’s been having to deal with all kinds of health issues.  

Most notably she has been in serious pain due to some jaw/teeth injuries and surgeries.  To me – nothing is worse than pain associated with the mouth. I am so afraid of the dentist.  Phobic is the right word!

One of her faithful followers is a Close to My Heart Consultant and has decided to host a CTMH online party and give all of the hostess gifts to Megan.  Isn’t that sweet??

Here’s what you have to do –

1) Go to her website, which is http://lovetocraft.ctmh.com
2) Click on the JOIN button next to where it says “Thanks and Get Well to Megan Party!”
3) Look through all of the wonderful Close to My Heart products, and order anything you want.
4) You will receive 1 entry to the Giveaway for making a purchase—no matter how large or small.

Read this sweet post from Nuchi (the CTMH consultant):

Megan–your kids are SOOOOOOOOO adorable! Thanks for sharing this with us!


Here’s an update on Megan’s online Thanks and Get Well Party!

You guys are all AWESOME!!

Megan—there are so many people who really care about you. One woman emailed me, “How do I place an order to show love for Megan?” I had to fight back tears when I read it. Then for some strange reason, although most people’s orders went through with no problem, Murphy’s Law kicked in and this same woman had SO much trouble getting the order placed! I was on the phone with her numerous times to guide her through it. No matter how difficult she found it, she was determined to do it and stuck it out. I told her she’s a role model for all of us in life—no matter what obstacles come her way, she doesn’t let them stop her! (Kind of like someone else we know who’s going through dental agony but still makes videos so she won’t disappoint anyone, even if she has to do it on the floor and without makeup.) :)

So if you love Close to My Heart products, and want to give Megan something a little special – check out the online party.



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