Above Rubies Studio – Facebook Page

Above Rubies Studio is my all time favorite blog. I seriously check it about 10 times a day. I also cross my fingers every day and check to see if her new products – new inks – are available on her website (any day now).

She posts amazing tutorials on Tuesdays, Check This Out – reviews on Hot Products (Wednesdays I think), Tips-N-Tricks on Thursdays, Freebies on Fridays, and on the weekends she posts either something about Enjoying Life’s Moments or Making Someone’s Day.

She also has the occasional UStream where you can chat with her live and get all kinds of awesome questions answered.

I may not know her personally, however, after watching many of her youtube videos and posts you’ll fell like you do – she seems to be a genuine person. She is amazingly talented and loves her fans!!

Tonight she hit 9,000 fans and who knows – maybe she’ll hit 10,000 before the week is over!! I sure hope so!!

So – Here is my ask of you! 🙂 Please go to her Facebook page – http://www.facebook.com/followaboverubies and like her page. Make sure you post on her wall that Tianna Roe Fonseca sent you!! I would appreciate it!!


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