Old Projects – Baby Showers At the Office

I wanted to share some photos of some more old projects that I had created.  These were used for a variety of different baby showers that were thrown at my work for my friends/colleagues. In these projects, I used the New Arrival Cricut Cartridge.

I can’t seem to find all the pictures (boo) but I used the Duck Circle to create the invitations. Each invitation had the Duck Circle, the circle charm, a pearl embellishment for the eye, a ribbon, and the details of the party on the back.  I also used the Duck, Butterfly, and flower cut each one in 3 sets, attached to wooden sticks and made table displays using crystal bowls and baskets with foam and shredded paper.

I also cut a Baby Shower & Circle, Butterfly, Rattle, and Duck in large sizes and used as wall decorations around the room. Here are some pictures I was able to find.

Baby Shower Invitation

Baby Shower





I do have to show a couple of photos of the AMAZING cake that my friends at Faboo Cakes made for the event. It was beautiful and delicious!!  I use them for every event that I possibly can because their cakes are always amazing.

Faboo Cakes is run by two absolutely lovely ladies. They are so talented. Stop by and check out their website – http://www.faboocakes.com .

Faboo Cakes – best bakery around!!

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