Craft Blogging

Wow – So I’ve really decided that I’m going to commit to blogging more about crafting activities. I love crafting and it really helps me decompress. I follow and read so many crafting blogs that I decided to truly commit to being a craft blogger and have fun with it!! I really enjoy all of these other blogs and I hope that people can get some enjoyment out of my blog.

Let’s get to to the chase.  My blog has been listed as one of the featured craft bloggers on Above Rubies Studio website.  The featured craft bloggers section allows you to go and vote for your favorite craft blogs.

If you enjoy my blog and want to see more of my crafts, recipes, and furry friends – I would appreciate if you would vote for my blog.

I am going to do a drawing for anyone who does vote for my blog – just comment below that you have have voted for my craft blog. If you referred someone to vote for my blog, make sure that person puts your name as well and you’ll be entered for every referral (as well as the person who you referred).  I’ll post the prize in the next day or so with some photos.  You don’t have to follow my blog, but I would love it if you did!!

Thanks!!!  -tianna


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