Meet Daphne.

The super cute, super sweet, and super hyper little puppy that my husband and I are currently fostering for Big Fluffy Dogs Rescue (BFDR).

Apparently, she her previous owner tossed her from a moving car and hurt her ACL/CCL and needs some rest. Right now she is approx. 13 weeks and 16 pounds. The past few days she has been HORRIBLY sick – worms. It’s been gross. I’ve been elbow deep in dog…. you get the idea.

Regardless, she is an amazing little animal. It hurts my heart to think what she went through before she being rescued by BFDR and at home with us. Sookie and Fry have tolerated her and even started warming up to her. Even Oreo has been fairly nice – no scratches yet but Oreo has batted his claws once or twice.

Well, meet Daphne. I am already head of heals in love with her and we’ve had just over a week.





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