Singer Curvy – Getting it Setup

This morning I was super busy!! I had to go a million places but luckily my last stop was for a brand new sewing machine. I seriously could not sleep last night because I was so excited – like a little kid on Christmas Eve. The store opened at 9am this and Daphne woke me up very early. I woke with a start and started yelling – what time is it? what time is it? Of course it was only 1:00am and it was time for her to go outside to use the bathroom.

Regardless, I did wake up again at 7am and was counting down the hours before I could leave the house and get my new toy!! I didn’t get to go directly to the store because Daphne needed more food, I had to go to the bank, etc. Finally, I reached my destination and was all set to purchase the Singer Talent that I had picked out.

Luckily, there were several very nice ladies there that were able to help me and point me in the right direction. Instead of the Singer that I had picked out – I found out was actually a little complication – I got a different model – the Singer Curvy. Now when I change stitches, I don’t have to worry about tension, thread, etc. It does it automatically for me!

My New Singer

Sewing Machine

Isn’t it absolutely beautiful!! They were also kind enough to show me the right types of thread, needles, etc. for me to complete my first project.

Of course was the hardest part – having to clean up the “extra bedroom/craft room/office” to add my table to set up my sewing machine. The room organization needs a little work but I’m excited as I found a bunch of DIY projects that will help me with that. My sister Chloe showed me some a great project that she did herself using baby jars.

Well – I’m off to start threading my bobbin and finish the setup to start my first project. Will have to post pictures when I’m done. That’s of course – it looks decent enough. 🙂


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