Big Fluffy Dogs Rescue

I have recently been introduced to the Big Fluffy Dog Rescue here in TN. I have always been a dog & cat lover at heart and the sight or thought of animals hurt or hungry has brought me to tears. My husband has had to snap me out of it a couple of times. On our way to work one day, we say a cat try to cross a busy street only to have it hit right before it made it to the other side. I immediately burst into tears and was emotional for the rest of the day. Even the next couple of days as we passed that spot I would get emotional. The people who truly know me see that I have a heart – those that don’t, sometimes fear me. I can come across a little brash, however, underneath it’s all mush.

I am currently fostering one of their rescues, Daphne, and she is a sweetie. She was wonderful at first and then has gotten violently ill. That’s okay. My husband and I are here to help her get well. Someone, apparently, threw her out of a moving car and she has a torn ACL/CCL. She’s a little young for surgery and needs extra special attention and affection – which of course we are giving a ton to her!.

Big Fluffy Dogs Rescue needs all the help that it can. You can follow them on Facebook Big Fluffy Dogs Facebook Page or you can go to their website – Big Fluffy Dogs

They are always in need of people to adopt, foster, or even just donate. You can give to them here – Donate


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