Nashville Area Drivers… WTF??


Seriously have to agree. Kudos for the Supernatural reference by using the word idjits.

Originally posted on Northern Girl Heads South for a fresh start:

There are bad drivers everywhere. Nearly every big city has a bad reputation for having bad drivers. Think of Chicago, New York, California, and of course, Wisconsin.
Now, I haven’t been to New York, but I’ve had a taste of bad driving in those states. I’ve traveled long distances on highways when I lived in Wisconsin and worked in St. Paul Minnesota. There were stupid people and accidents every now and then that would screw up with your commute, but let me tell you about the drivers in the Nashville area.
First, the disclaimer though.
If you are a Nashville area driver and you take this offensively, then you are probably one of the egg headed idjits I’m talking about. Stop reading. Now.
If you are a Nashville area driver and you are not offended, then you know what I’m talking about!
My stretch of the yellow brick road involves…

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One thought on “Nashville Area Drivers… WTF??

  1. I drove truck for years and Nashville is referred to as Crashville. A little rain and they slide right into each other. .Truckers would try to get through there before it rained and everyone started crashing into each other.


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